Building 3 MIRA Technology Park

This project, which builds on our long-term relationship with MIRA, involves the design and construction of a combined laboratory, office and warehouse

Once again, we are providing support to the development of MIRA’s £300 million Technology Park. This new project is a laboratory testing facility for high performance motor vehicles.

There were a number of ecological issues to deal with on the project. The first was the removal of tree roots from the ground and to abide by NHBC guidelines, we undertook a two metre deep dig to ensure all of the roots were removed.

We also liaised with Leicester University to support them with an archaeological dig after a Roman post was found. In more recent history, the site was formerly a World War II airfield, and so a bomb survey was also undertaken.

The key detail on the scheme is to meet the strict 30-week deadline as the future tenant must take occupation by September 2014. Our approach has been to bring all parties together at an early stage and discuss potential issues on the scheme.