Charity – Theatre in Education

The Deeley Group are supporting this important local Charity which supports our youngsters in Coventry and Warwickshire to develop through drama – the aim is to inspire their imagination and so help our youngsters to become creative and more confident and so to develop all of their skills.

We have so far contributed £2,500 towards the appeal which is helping the Charity to raise funds to provide a guarantee of funding for the Charity for the next three years.

We are off to a good start with an official launch of the fundraising at George House on 17th June 2015 where the Bishop of Coventry (Christopher Cocksworth) and the Lord Mayor of Coventry (Michael Hammon) both came to add their names and to provide support to our fundraising efforts.

Anyone that has any ideas for fundraising please make contact.  We will certainly match fund any funds raised for the appeal – Theatre in Education.

Additional information on the Belgrade Theatre can be found at

Please see below Inspiring the Next Generation brochure the Theatre in Education promotional material or click here to download a PDF version.