About us

The Deeley Group was established in 1936 by George W. Deeley and has become a highly successful construction and property development company working on a wide range of projects across the UK.

Deeley is a forward-thinking, family business that is proud of its heritage and independence with the ambition to deliver intelligent, mid-range property solutions for you that exploit the full depth of our market and construction expertise.

"Honesty, Professionalism, Integrity, Ambition. That's what I like about Deeley"

Customer Survey

Deeley Group delivers:

an end-to-end process
to identify, acquire, design, build and market developments, properties and homes

the specialist skills and experience of our team
this always has been and will remain a people business, where the quality of our team will define our long-term success

an extensive network of high-quality relationships
Deeley is an integral part of the property and construction community and are in-tune and in-touch with major trends, developments and commercial opportunities

an enviable track record of delivery
we are known for delivering on-time, every time

a reputation for honesty, integrity and quality
people want to do business with us and trust us to act responsibly with their best interests in mind