George House Coventry

George House, our stunning new headquarters, is a showcase for sustainable building design and construction methods.

In 2005, the Directors of Deeley Group made the decision to move from their existing premises to a new location. The new building needed to build on our developing ideas of true sustainability and whole life building economics.

Starting with building fabric we ensured that the construction of the envelope exceeded all of the U value targets contained in the Building Regulations. We tried to use the building’s fabric to reduce the heating and cooling loads which in turn meant reduced use of consumable energy.

The building is steel framed with masonry, stone and glazing forming the external envelope. The main roof consists of composite roof sheeting with a single ply membrane roof to ancillary roof areas. Heating and cooling is provided by a water cooled VRF system coupled to a deep bore ground loop.

Along with this major investment in the ground source system the development employs the following systems:

  • Rain water harvesting for supplies to sanitary ware which it was calculated would be the building’s largest water user
  • An array of solar panels for hot water to the welfare facilities.
  • Antisun glazing units with brise soleil to the glazing on South and West facing elevations.
  • Energy efficient lighting controls which help reduce the duration of lighting times via PIR occupancy control which ensures that lighting is only on when areas are occupied.
  • Daylight lighting control will ensure that where possible lighting levels are maintained by natural daylight.
  • High efficiency luminaire control gear has been used throughout.